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Frequently Asked Questions

One2Five.club is a platform dedicated to connecting reviewers with leading brands, our members are invited to test leading products for free or at reduced cost in exchange for sharing their honest evaluations. 

No, signing up is completely free and no membership fees are involved. Some of our campaigns involve purchasing products which will be communicated during tester selection.

Our team will reach out to our members when we have campaigns available. We strive to match you with brands that meet your interests. 

To start testing products, sign up and our team will be in touch with available campaigns

When you are selected for a campaign, we will share with you exactly what that campaign involves. Usually, you will be required to leave reviews on key sites and possibly create some social media buzz.  

Ensure your review is honest, detailed, and informative. Mention both the pros and cons of the product, and avoid any offensive or inappropriate language.

You can contact One2Five support via the contact form on this site.

Refer to the specific instructions given by One2Five for each test. Some tests may require you to return the product, while others may allow you to keep it.

You will receive an email confirmation of your registration data. 

The frequency of product tests varies depending on the availability of products from various brands.

Unfortunately, we have limited products for each test so not everyone can participate in all campaigns. Don’t fret, however, there are plenty of opportunities! 

The number of testers varies depending on the specific requirements of each test.

A reputable courier or shipping service will deliver the product to your specified address.

If you don't accept the delivery, the product may be returned to One2Five, and you may be disqualified from participating in the test.

Contact One2Five support to report the issue and seek assistance.

Begin testing the product and follow the guidelines provided for the evaluation process.

You will receive instructions on how to use the product, the duration of the test, and guidelines for writing your review.

Contact One2Five support or refer to the product manual for assistance. You can also reach out to the product manufacturer for technical support.

Yes, it's essential to disclose in your review that you received the product as part of a product test to maintain transparency and comply with applicable regulations.

Yes, you can write negative reviews as long as they are honest, constructive, and based on your genuine experience with the product.

While it's not mandatory to write a unique review for each platform, it's recommended to tailor your review to the specific audience and guidelines of each platform.

If you don't write a review, you may be disqualified from future testing opportunities, and One2Five may take appropriate action, such as requiring you to return the product. 

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